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the hair is styled forward and to the side

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After washing, the hair is rubbed dry with a towel.
A flat brush is used for blow-drying - a soft finish is to be created.
A light-holding gel is thoroughly distributed on the hands and applied only to the top coat with the palms and fingers.
It is crucial that the look does not look artificial, but as natural as possible.
Finally, the hair is styled forward and to the side - a slight side parting is desirable.

The side parting is allowed again!
The side parting - long frowned upon and therefore avoided - again determines the trend hairstyles in 2019. It is now called "Side Swoop" and it is very important that the cut must be perfectly matched to the shape of the head. Side parting in combination with three-day beard is a hit. It is crucial that the crown is pulled exactly. A strong fixation is necessary so that the top coat does not fall back into the eighties during the day. A matt styling looks retro-trendy, gloss is the order of the day. Casual accessories from nerd glasses to silk scarves round off the appearance in a skilful way.

The wet look: cut and styling
The wet look also sets the tone for the 2019 short hairstyles. The classic gel hairstyle is back! Of course, the hair is combed strictly backwards. In one variant, the long top hair is combed back radically, the sides are cut short. It is important that the hair shines and under no circumstances should it look glued. The buy lace wigs uk hair can also be parted, the apex should be just above the temples. But how is the classic gel hairstyle best styled?