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The trend barometer for men's hairstyles

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The classically styled hipster, on the other hand, is slowly but surely losing importance. A natural-looking styling is the order of the day, which is given the finishing touch with fashionable accessories. A touch of androynity is certainly allowed, but it is more a non-binding flirtation than a commitment carved in stone. Brand new: the good old schnauzer on the upper lip, which is on everyone's lips today under the name "Mustache".

Short cut hair on the neck or on the sides, plus a deliberately disheveled top hair: This is how most of all men's hairstyles human hair wigs are currently presented - and not just on the world's runways. Also in: curls falling on the forehead or the good old Elvis quiff, refined and newly styled

bib 15: A lot, but fine: for men with thin top hair, the undercut is ideal for giving the cut a pithy note.
The undercut is far from dead!

Clothes make people - that's right, but a well-groomed gentleman also needs a modern haircut that fits his style. Rumors are currently circulating that the undercut is dead - but you can't get such a manifested trend out of people's heads so quickly. As long as the well-groomed man lives of the world, the undercut will also defend its legitimate existence. The undercut is widespread and can now be worn anywhere.