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Styling variant "glam look"

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With this styling variant, the hair is strengthened at the base with the Vavoom "Take me Higher" lifter. The "Loosely Defined" texture cream from Design Pulse is incorporated in lengths and tips to give the hair structure in advance. The hair is then blown dry with the hands. First, the hair is tied into a tight braid that sits at the highest point of the head. Now the hair is lightly teased at the base of the braid, put in shape with the hands and pinned with pins. The best way to fix the look is with the "Freezing Spray". The "Hair Lock" spray gives the look a brilliant shine at the end.
Matrix salon products:

Vavoom Take Me Higher Approach Lifter: 244ml, € 11.50
Design Pulse Loosely Defined Texture Cream: 150ml, € 13.40
Vavoom Freezing Spray: 500ml, € 9.90
Design Pulse Hair Lock hairspray: 400ml, € 13.40
Newcomers Giuliano Gammuto with their 30 and 32 years are unusually popular and successful:
Together with their team, they developed and implemented the buy human hair wigs hair styling for the creations by Thomas Rath, Barbara Schwarzer and Annette G? Rtz at the Düsseldorf Platform Fashion. They launched three concept stores. It's not just the ambience there that is exceptional. The concept is also unusual. Because GFG's hairstylings are not off the shelf. Giuliano Gammuto, the creative head, is regularly inspired by the catwalks of the world and develops his own looks on this basis.
"Undone" is the motto for him in 2014.