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People Still Need Some Kind Of Moderation

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The memes would be the better content. Reaching that a 99 shouldnt even be allowed to be submitted, who cares. Reaching a single 99 isn't that large of an accomplishment, I dont even think maxing ought to be allowed either, its just a glorified attention post and does not add anything into the reddit. Or any accomplishment for this OSRS gold matter. This subreddit ought to be on the sport, not about yourself. I think sure things are fine, like world-first kind of achievements. The very first 4k telos, or even the very first max xp, etc. . But definitely not"hey I got a barrows dye lol" or"my initial 99 following 15 years omg".

Bragging articles feel so excessive because there's so many and a massive variety of aims to achieve in RuneScape in levels, kills, drops and achievements. And most of the time that it's meet with indifference, mehs, and boos because everyone's play styles are so different. The playerbase is varied today. A few weeks with nothing but your feet like it might be an remarkable effort that you simply your new account in only a on cellular, but many people don't care. Or people are salty like' check it out noobs from matters, I got a hazelmere signet ring my seren soul. There goes my luck for the next two decades'.

Why the fuck are people even deleting memes that keep some people depressed folks happy for abit longer at the world. If they have a filter for humor then memes should only apply under that the boring people of reddit don't have to view it and can enjoy their 99 cooking posts. Agreed, the amount of censorship on this subreddit is very excessive and it's highly irregular. There's simply no guidance as to what equates to a"low effort" meme in their eyes and at times it feels enjoys they choose to delete/not delete something completely at random or depending on their disposition. No consistency whatsoever.

It feels like this issue is cyclical. There have been numerous discussions on this subject within buy RS gold the 9 past years I have been visiting this subreddit however I guess it will never die. I think it might be worth devoting my own solution for this here for any new parties. I could care less about random people's achievements. I'd rather have memes. The memes are just so good there. Plus I play games but it's largely because of its memes. can we for the love of god prohibit 99/maxing/comping/trim etc posts. . . no one cares. Stop treating this sub for example your own personal diary. .