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Great To See They Enhanced The Match

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What I'm doing: Holding NBA 2K MT Coins, going right with my Left rod, while holding down R2 I envision the Right stick down, making him do this hop back/side, and attempt to keep to hold down Proper stick to take with the target mechanic but he never always shoots. He pauses after the jump. Employing the button all you have to do is hold down R2, go right together with the left stick hit square to do the hop and then press and hold square to the shooter.

Notice any bugs? Have thoughtful feedback? Reply here. I'll treat this as 2K21 Feedback/Wishlist Thread 0. Just downloaded, I suppose they are just recycling comment from 2k20? Cause if I must listen to the exact same stuff it's a legit deal breaker for me. I can not believe they left pogo stick and intimidator. Also I played the all star Lakers team and that wasn't Kobe. I know that it's a presentation, so maybe the game will probably be more realistic and they'll have new commentary.

Why does a blue green sf have such shit stats. A pure yellow gets the same 3 ball at exactly the exact same height along with the BG one can not even get off contacts rip. SFs are so poor in this game even tho from the NBA they are good. Does anybody know if time your shot with x and having no shot meter is going to be the same as using the expert stick? Or will the pro stick with a shooting edge over timed with no meter?

Hating the new shot stick. I like that they provide additional alternatives. I know alot of people who sucked at timing shots are enjoying the ace stick. However, I don't want be penalized because I like shooting another way better. Pro Stick aiming will get an advantage, but you can use the old button timing. Only a few of annoyances/issues(Xbox One X): Please fix it so that if pressing X to shoot, the ball doesn't always hit rim no matter how far away you shoot from. Clearly it must take into account the Buy NBA 2K21 MT player that is shooting shooting's ability and space in the basket.