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I made the transition to OSRS bout 6 months ago

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We had a similar concept pitched by Mod Ryan one gamejam, in weeks Mod Osborne decided there was not enough interest and the idea was dropped out of OSRS gold all Jagex consciousness. In RS3, there is more interest in skilling upgrades that bring quicker advancement from the cost of gp, that is why they rather added Aquarium. They're incorporating a slower approach to train structure for the benefit of paying less gp. We're obviously playing the wrong game.

I don't think the same can be said for a lot of the community. People today despise the notion of clawing back EXP prices on RS3 - even though a huge portion of the success of several OSRS upgrades is they have low EXP rates which lead content to be purposeful more often. It is very much a can't-have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too circumstance. A number of the flopped day-1-it's-dead articles ideas out of RS3 would do amazing about OSRS, and much of the renowned holy-shit-this-is-amazing content thoughts out of OSRS would be considered junk in RS3. This is in large part due to the fact that OSRS is slow development, and RS3 is fast progression.

It would be programming hell, but I've been thinking more and Jagex eventually has to switch to 64 bit integers. There's just so much content you can package into 120 levels. Raising the cap would approximately triple the amount of possible levels within an skill. RS3 would have fast progression, but the final goal is much further away. Adding even more levels would not work out well.

There's tons of games that do dev interaction greater than rs3 and tons that do worse. I think by always looking at osrs people rather have tunnel vision on a game that really does it better and it will appear that everything in osrs is simply better. Criticism where criticism is due, but by simply looking at 1 game that has devs performing community desired content as buy RS gold a core characteristic (surveys ) you run the chance of just constantly looking at the grass on the opposite side and it'll look a good deal greener. You do not feel the problems of osrs if you are just looking at the updates page.