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My buddy bought it at release for $60.00

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Good review. With that Mut 21 coins being said I knew what it was out of the hop. Didn't even purchase madden 20 till it had been 19.99. This year I do not even know if that's well worth it. I'd like to go to midnight sales for this game, used to be so eager for it to release. I don't have any hope this game will change for the foreseeable future, however I will try it for following GEN once I purchase my PS5 completely for internet H2H and nothing else. I don't even need to play the game to learn how awful it is anymore, at this rate it's expected. And it is funny when people get mad at that. They think we're just haters, but in fact we just need a fantastic game to help keep us trying to play... But like everything in existence, it must come to an end and I think madden has reached that point.

My buddy bought it at release for $60.00, and he match shares with me PS. Convinced myself to purchase it in my Xbox for $20.00 after an extended break, and repent it about 3 days after. Will not be buying 21, since I get mad enough at 20 for it's bullshit. It's just not likely to change man, they are strictly about the revenue and they don't care how blatantly it looks. If they are able to come out and say"hey we only want your money" without any consequences they would do just that.

Face of the franchise is better than their previous story modes, but not by far. I truly hated that your choices did not matter. I really don't care about his sob story about a heart condition, I played , get it over. He constantly disrespects the player character, and you're forced to become buddy buddy with him no matter what. I like how going to college came with a name change into College Player, pretty cool.

Oh and also the gameplay. Getting trapped on rookie is indeed boring. I needed to sim games following the first quarter, only playing on offense, because otherwise the game would never finish. And I don't know whether it is a glitch, but one match forced me to perform the entire game. I literally just tried to buy Madden nfl 21 coins run across the field to kill clock. I didn't even get the control on defense. It just automobile played. Game ended 100-0. It played itself. Rookie style is brain dead mode. Oh and the heavily promoted combine? It's only the 40 plus a throwing drill. (For QB and WR, not certain about running back). Along with the 40 is only 3 quick time switches, which do not affect anything so long as you strike them.