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The article was a stage to demonstrate that 2k

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We have a good quantity of NBA 2K21 Mt legends, with much more coming tomorrow. Supserstars has been disappointing but there's a chance we get house rules to get a free one, and kickoff voucher should be great this year.Heat check cards aren't valuable at all, and madden has powerups for every elite at the game, plus more in depth team building and strategy, along with 2k always with the most toxic online metà of all sports games.

The article was a stage to demonstrate that 2k really pumps shit in their game. 2k releases promos on a weekly basis. Much like Heavyweights or Veterans, 10+ cards which could match on everyone's team2k had those 10+ cards, madden had 33 team diamonds plus 64 team builders that all are amazing and the best cards in their own positions. Then there's the 11 legends. Then there's the superstar mvps.

2k is also complete trash the shooting is awful the defense is laughable can not contest shots without filthy calls The 85 Kobe can't even make a layup if it's even marginally contested.And you can not even junk select and roll because the major man literally has no clue where to go and when he does it right the ball get stolen or you miss the simple layup with 18% competition.

Here is the worst basketball game I have ever played period. I have been trying to ask a refund on Microsoft. How can you consistently take one step forward and 2 steps back? Wtf is with mt for sale 2k21 all the new shot meter? It's terrible! Not to mention non invasive broad bricks. Fuck this game.Can we simply shut up about content for a single day?