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If you're in the world of RuneScape members

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In light of Best OSRS Gold site this recent spike in bot usage, I've invented a method of bot-catching techniques and tests to check to see what the probability of the player in question being a bot. Some individuals like to browse different webpages while coaching, and I have taken that into consideration when devising my evaluations. Simply because a person fails a test does NOT mean that they are a bot, but are more likely to be one. Most likely, you'll get an answer, even if they're botting(they have speaking bots now). However, there are still a good number of bots that don't react. To check to see whether they are really botting rather than just afk, inquire when they're banking or shifting trees/rocks.

If you're in the world of RuneScape members

Request them a hint question. If they're fishing, ask their mining level. If they're mining, ask their magical level, ect. ect. Should they fall for this, or don't respond in any way, add 1 to the suspicion meter. Follow them about. Do they acknowledge that you are following them? Analyze their routine. Do they respond instantly after a tree falls or respawns? In that case, add 2 to the suspicion meter. Analyze their clicking. When they go bank their items, do they click in the exact same squares all the time? Do something exceptionally wierd that draws attention to your self. If the individual does not react, they're afk or botting. Try whacking them with an easter carrot, or throwing snowballs at them to see whether it is possible to get a reaction. Otherwise, add 4 to the feeling meter. Evaluating their rating.

In case their instinct meter is at Zero, They're probably not a bot, however it's possible. If their suspicion meter is at 1, They're most likely an easily-tricked individual. If their distress meter is at 2, they're possibly a bot, but then again might not be. If their suspicion meter is at 3, they are likely afk or have off public, but could very well be a bot. If their suspicion meter reaches 4, then they are likely a bot, but you don't have sufficient evidence for it to be promising. If their suspicion meter reaches 6 through 10, they're at very high risk for botting, but buy RS3 gold is best not to jump to conclusions just yet.