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Why The #27 Color Hair Lace Wigs So Hot?

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I think you all browse the IG and the YouTube every day, and you must see those words,”#27 color””honey blonde” “supernovahair”
What’s the “ #27 color” or the “honey blonde”? Why is so hot? Why the Instagram And YouTube beauty influencers all recommend it? If you feel confused about it, don’t worry about it. Please follow me to get more about it.
1.What is #27 color hair colorful hair bundles?
The #27 color’s other name is honey blonde. Via the special process, make the natural black becoming the honey blonde. Because of many beauty influencers’ recommendations, it’s hot.
You may know the blonde, the honey blonde is more shining than the blonde.
The YouTube Beauty Influencer Dominique A. The real picture of #27 color.
2. Hair-types of #27 color hair lace wigs
#27 color is very popular now, it’s easy for you to find the pictures and video about it. Most blogger’s choice is two types:
#27 Honey Blonde 13x4 cheap good bundles.
#27 4x4 lace closure wigs
The main difference is the area of lace. 13x4 lace is ear to ear.

Then why the two types are the most popular? How to choose the types for you?
(1 ) In the supernovahair store, you have more choices.
About the texture, we have water wave, body wave, and straight. The length, we have 8 - 24 inches, and 18-24 inch are most popular. Density, there are 150%,180% and 200%. Cap size, you can choose small, medium, and large.
We have considered the needs of different groups of people.
(2 ) The color of the lace fit for most of the people
The color of the cheap human hair is medium brown. For most people, you can wear them directly and even don’t need to do DIY. Or do a simple makeup to fit your skin is fine. See the picture, it’s natural and beautiful.

And when we color the hair, the brown 613 hair bundles with closure won’t be dirty. We can keep the beauty. If you are very white skin, do makeup is fine. It’s easy for us to do it.
(3 ) How to choose the #27 color hair lace wigs ?
If you know how to make it, you can choose any type you like. If you are a tiro, my suggestion is #27 13X4 lace front wigs. It's glue-less. Then how to wear them, please refer to this video. This is the YouTube beauty influencers Challan Trishan made for supernovahair.
(4)Do not color cheap lace frontal closure.
Since #27 color hair was dyed from natural black hair, so we don’t suggest dye it again. Or you may not get the final color which you want or the hair will be damage.
Want to get a colorful hairstyle? I suggest you buy our #613 blonde lace wigs or click Colored Wigs to get the colorful wigs you like, just get the colors you want or contact us to ask if we can customize the colr you want.
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