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Headband wigs Human Hair

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The headband wigs are fashionable in recent months.

A Headband wig is one of the wigs with a headband attached, it is a beginner-friendly wig, which is made of detachable Ice silk fabric, 2Inches Wide, the headband can be slid around the head and fix the wig by using the headband. There are as many styles of headband wigs as traditional wigs.

How to wear headband wigs?
1: you need to brush your hair backward.
2: wear and tight the wig with velcro.
(You can adjust the cap size according to your size)
3:make your baby hair naturally.
4: wear the headband and do the style you like.

The advantage of headband wigs
When you wear a traditional lace front wig, which needs glues, tapes, pins, etc to adjust the wig. It is very complicated to do for a beginner. It normally needs a long time to wear the wig.
Compared with traditional wigs, headband wigs have some advantages in that they do not require clips, pins, or glue when fixing the wigs.
The elastic headband can better conform to the specific contour of the human head. They can also provide a strong head connection without being too tight or too loose. They are very soft and stretchable, so they are very comfortable to wear. After wearing headband wigs, people may not feel stuffy because they are sweat-proof and breathable. They are simple to clean and easy to maintain.

How to keep headbandwigs

The headband wig is not difficult to maintain. Put the wig in the water and wash it with any mild shampoo to keep the wig in good condition. You can follow the steps below to work:

1. Firstly, comb the wig with a wide-tooth comb.

2. Wash your hair with mild shampoo in cold water.

3. Use a hairdryer to dry your hair or let it dry naturally.

4. Comb the hair again after it is dry.

5.Hang on the wig shelf when not in use.

It is an option to wear a headband wig on working days or meeting days.

The most magic headband wig

Straight Headband Wigs Wet change to Deep Wave wig
This kind of wig will change the texture after you wet the straight hair.
One wig has 2 different textures, you can change the style according to your likes. What you need to do is wet the hair.

Where Can I buy Headband Wigs?
If you are tired of searching everywhere? Yolissa hair will be a good option. Yolissa hair store providing the most suitable and high-quality headband wig products. There are many varieties to choose from. We provide various headband wigs and traditional wigs, such as curly wave headband wigs, kinky straight wigs, highlight headband wigs, and various hairstyles. all the hair is 100% human hair.

And there are many other wigs like brazilian water wave, loose deep wave .