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side of Destiny 2 offering live events daily bounties

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Legacy of Destiny 2 Dark vs Light Gold Coin If you’re hoping for a big meaty campaign expansion to sink your teeth into Destiny 2: Beyond Light fails to provide a satisfactory offering. Instead Bungie is leaning heavily on the games-as-a-service side of Destiny 2 offering live events daily bounties the first of many season passes and plenty more to keep players engaged with the minimal amount of content. If you’ve been long awaiting the Hawkmoon to make its debut from Destiny 1 that exotic hand cannon is available as part of the season pass and will require a bit of questing to unlock.What you do get with the Beyond Light campaign in Destiny 2 is a chance to side with Variks one of the Fallen who has seen the light so to speak. His role in the House of Judgment first began in the original Destiny title and was a key player in Forsaken and other bits throughout the Destiny 2 lore.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is here and with it comes a host of changes for players and some new content to explore. With the expansion officially out Bungie has published the official patch notes including balance updates and quality of life improvements.Here’s a quick list of everything new in Destiny 2 today. If you want the complete Destiny 2 patch notes keep scrolling.The big star of this new patch is Destiny 2: Beyond Light the game’s third major expansion.Beyond Light adds a new campaign and a new raid — both exclusive to Beyond Light owners — as well as some new Exotics. All players can also adventure to Europa the icy moon of Jupiter.Buy Cheap Legacy of Destiny 2 Dark vs Light Gems via reputable seller cheap safe no ban and no hack happened!

Were it not for Bungie’s split with Activision last year it feels like Destiny 2’s latest expansion Beyond Light might have just been called Destiny 3 instead. As the first installment in a trio of announced expansions Beyond Light takes some bold steps in a new direction for the series – whether it’s the story’s darker morally grey tone the removal of legacy content from Destiny 2’s sandbox or our formerly-exemplar Guardians giving in and using the corrosive power of The Darkness. In many ways this is not the same Destiny 2 we’ve been playing for the past three years.