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Three Kinds Of Bob Wigs On West Kiss Hair

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If you love short hair, short bob wigs can be an excellent choice for you. They don’t go beyond the shoulders but perfectly cover your head and give you a stunning look. Women love this type of wigs because they bring someone’s facial details into focus. These wigs are available in different styles and designs, such as straight hair or curly wigs. Whichever color you prefer, you can purchase the short bob wig that suits your needs.

Introduce Three Kinds Of Bob Wigs
1)#1B Bob Front Lace Human Hair Wigs
Look at the picture, this short bob wig style does like the hairstyle of Natalie Portman in the movie Leon. It looks chic and cute. That’s why many girls began to get a bob wig. All the trendy girls don’t miss this treasure.

2)Curly Lace Front Bob Wigs
Instead of straight hair, bob wigs work well with wavy or crimped hair. And this curly bob wig is a great choice. The layers and shagginess of this curly Bob wig give volume and movement to the hair which can make people look better after wearing it. And the curly hair texture also is close to natural human hair, so many African American women like it.

3)613 Straight Bob Wigs
There are many hair colors of bob wigs, and 613 hair color must be one of the most eye-catching colors for any occasion. This 613 blonde bob wig can always let people become the focus in the crowd and have some beautiful fashionable moments.

Three Factors About Bob Wigs
Normally people select hair wigs by three aspects: hair length, hair color, capsize.

1) Capsize
Most bob lace front wigs normally only have one medium capsize. But some bob wigs will have three options to choose from: small, medium, large. People should select proper capsize according to the head circumference. And every bob wig has an adjustable strap that can let people adjust the wig to fit the head.

2) Hair Color
West Kiss Hair Reviews has many hair colors for all customers: natural black, #99J, #1B/99J, #27, #613, #4/613, #Rose Pink, etc. Everyone can pick up their preferred colors.

3) Hair Length
The length of the bob wigs influences the amount of its versatility. Different hair lengths can reflect different feelings to people. We have four different hair length of this short bob wig: 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches.

It’s good to realize that there are various types of wigs available in the market today. The difference comes in terms of length, material, or even style. For materials, you can either have a human hair wig or synthetic wig. You can also opt to buy a short or a long wig depending on personal taste and preference.