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NBA 2K21 Bugs are also happening regularly on the Stadia port

Link to this post 26 Apr 21

NBA 2K21 saw a day and date launch on Stadia alongside other platforms, grabbing the same core release as what PS4 and Xbox One picked up. It was great to see at the time, but the past few months have proved it was a bit of an empty gesture.

The standard NBA 2K21 release will run Stadia buyers $59.99, but the “Mamba Forever” edition costs $99.99. Notably, these are “current-gen” versions of the game, lacking the upgraded graphics that will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

oster updates and correct uniforms and such are an important part of a sports title, so understanding why folks who'd spent a decent chunk of their hard-earned on NBA 2K21 were upset didn't take much effort.

So, we reached out to 2K, pointing out the frustrations from avenues such as Reddit and the Google Stadia Discord. The good news is that it's certainly not intentional and Stadia hasn't been left out to pasture. A 2K spokesperson said this:

Some players in the last couple of days have suggested the updated rosters are already rolling out, but the benefit at least of a cloud platform like Stadia is that you won't have to download any of the patches. As for the future, only time will tell, but hopefully players can get back to it in the knowledge the platform is still very much being supported.

Bugs are also happening regularly on the Stadia port, with some issues causing the game to crash entirely. This appears to be especially common in online play. The folks over at PixelSpot put together a huge list of bugs they’ve encountered in the Stadia port, and it doesn’t take long to find on Reddit or Twitter that they’re not alone.

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